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Fun and Profitable
Town Story is a blockchain game that you'll actually want to play. Simple game mechanics, great fun that you can enjoy. Meanwhile, you can earn huge profits when running your town life!
Owned by Players
You get to truly own what you win in the game. If you create a place of land or grow a rare pumpkin, it is yours. Your items are verifiable assets on the blockchain and you can trade to other players.
Community Driven
The development of Town Story is not alone. Everyone in the community would engage and contribute ideas to make the game world better. Together with community members, we shape the direction the game's design takes.
Play, Social and Own
Genre : Simulation |
Compatible With : iOS Android Windows
| Language : EN, CN, KR


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The Power of Crypto
Town Story is built on decentralized crypto world and run on the main chain such as ETH and BSC and so on.You can using in-game items to create NFTs offering advantages in the game world. They can be purchased and traded on secondary markets to help you earn more money!
Your Happy Life in the Crypto World
Town Story is built on crypto world. You can create NFTs offering advantages in the game world. They can be purchased and traded in market place to help you earn more token!

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