Create your own Town Story

Town Story is a play-to-own crypto soical game that you could build a new home in Alpha Centauri system. Let's start your new town life here,to feed animals,harvest crops, complete orders, and go for adventures with friends!

Play with Friends

In Town Story, you can send orders to your game friends, assist in completing tasks, or visit your friend's town. Make more friends and create a warm town to play with online friends!

Online Party

After you get the special NFT Building, you can invite your friends to experience the special game in the NFT building together, and have fun together.

Collaboration Task

In the world of TownStory, the adventure mission is no longer a solo adventure, team up with players around the world to complete the challenge and win great rewards!

Crop System

In Town Story, there is a rich crop production system in which you can grow crops, cultivate flowers, cultivate forests, catch fish, tame animals, and finally process these crops into various products for sale!

Shipping Orders

People will need each other's commodity to build his town. In Town Story, you can use various vehicles to deliver goods to those who need them and collect the rewards!

Create Orders

In addition to a variety of goods, you can also use stardust and other materials to make exclusive gifts, which can be given to NPCs or friends to enhance goodwill!

Adventure Mission

There are some magical stories happening every day in Town Story, assist NPCs to complete time limited farm tasks, and use NFT items to complete tasks and get STORY coins and $StarDust!

Building Construction

You can build the town you want in Town Story, whether it's a factory, a house, an ornament or a commercial building, you can construct your own town according to your own ideas, and a prosperous town can also attract all kinds of interesting NPCs to stay!

Retrofit Upgrade

The buildings in Town Story can be upgraded and upgraded to increase the efficiency of agricultural production and the prosperity of the town, and when the town does not have enough land for the buildings, you can expand the town with new plots of land!

Happy Town

You can interact with the NPCs living in the town and give them gifts to enhance their goodwill, and get more lucrative benefits when you submit your next order request!

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