Gameplay Trailer 1 - Open World
Here is a gameplay trailer introducing how to adventure in the open world.
Everyone can adventure together in Town Story and find rare materials to trade. Besides, when tired, you could sit by the campfire and chat with each other!
Gameplay Trailer 2 - Build Your Town
Here is a gameplay trailer showing how to build a nice town.
Place the tile block pieces to expand the town, plant crops in the fields of the town, and let’s make the town more prosperous!
Gameplay Trailer 3- Working with Arbitrum
Town Story is cooperating with Arbitrum Nova!
Now you could synchronize the adventure loots with your wallet, withdraw materials, then put them into your own wallets. These are all NFTs.
In this trailer, you can see the new feature that your avatar moves around with an NFT skateboard in the open world.

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