Can be minted: 20000
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Starship Ticket - NFT Pass to Centaur Planet

The Starship Ticket can take you from the relay station to your desired destination in the future, where you can create your own town. However, the destination may have different weather conditions, such as warm, cold, or hot, and the ticket will vary accordingly. Due to space limitations, it is not currently possible for everyone to freely choose their destination. The allocation of starship tickets will be determined through a lottery. However, those who already possess the portrait of Santo the Centaur will receive a ticket airdrop from Mr. Santo himself.

18 Jun 2023 00:00 pm (UTC+8)
Starship Ticket
Here is a Starship Ticket exclusively for the island on Centaur Planet! This is an entry NFT for the MyLand gameplay in the Town Story Galaxy game. You can plant crops, build factories, invite NPCs, go fishing, and more on the islands with three different temperatures. By completing various tasks and collecting materials, residents can DIY their own homes, expand their area, invite businesses to settle in, making their homes unique.
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Arbitrum Nova
Balance 10 ARB
Total 10 ARB
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